Swimming Pool Pump and Equipment Repair

pool-pump-and-equipment-repair-arizonaIn order to maintain a clean, swim-able pool, it’s important to maintain the proper water chemistry and to have your pool pump and filter system in good, working order. Swimming pools in Arizona can quickly become disaster zones when your pool pump, pool motor, or filter stops running. Affordable Pool Repair is here to help!

There are many reasons pool pumps may stop functioning correctly. Defective bearings, clogged or broken impellers, short circuits, wrong sized piping, and overheated motors can all effect a pump and filters performance. However, there are times when it’s not the pump that’s malfunctioning. There are many working parts in any swimming pool filtration system so it’s important to diagnose the issue before replacing or repairing the wrong item.

Pool filtration systems usually include the following:

  • Pool Pump
  • Pool Filter
  • Pool Cleaners and Vacuums
  • Pool Timers

These parts work together to create a circulatory system to draw water from the pool and send it through the filtration process. When a pool has the proper chemical balance, this system will keep your pool water fresh and clean. But when part of the system breaks down, pools can quickly become dirty and filled with algae.

Our expert swimming pool repair technicians have the experience to diagnose and repair any pump or equipment problem you may encounter.  If your pool pump equipment is broken or not running at peak efficiency, call Affordable Pool Repair. We will have your pump or equipment fixed in no time!

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