Swimming Pool and Deck Resurfacing

It’s a fact of life for pool owners that swimming pool interior surfaces are going to wear out over time. Flaking pool plaster, algae stains, and cracked or dislodged tiles can all hinder the appearance of your swimming pool and pool decking. Luckily, there are many pool and deck resurfacing options available to help restore and upgrade the look of your pool. From simple re-plastering to installing a brand new multi-colored glass finish, Affordable Pool Repair can help you restore and improve the look of your current pool. Let’s look at just a few of the swimming pool finish options available to you.

Plaster is the most common, and least expensive, pool finish. Typically applied over concrete, plaster is made up of white cement, white marble aggregates and water. It can be dyed to complement different pool shapes and styles, surrounding materials, and landscapes. Plaster should last eight to twelve years before requiring re-plastering.

PebbleTec® is made of natural, polished pebbles that create a durable, slip-proof texture. There are many color options to choose from. For a dazzling finish, you can also choose to add pool enhancements, such as shimmering sea or luminous to any PebbleTec® pool finish. Should last fifteen to twenty years with little maintenance.

BeadCrete is a pool finish that becomes iridescent under both natural and artificial LED lights. Available in a range of designer colors, this option is composed of solid glass beads, locked carefully into polymer-modified cements. This creates a unique three-dimensional effect. BeadCrete is stain resistant, long lasting, and low maintenance.

Glass Tile can add immense beauty to both swimming pools and spas. Available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and finishes, it can enhance any pool style. It is also the most durable of all finishes. Glass tiles can be installed in a pool’s waterline, steps and edges, water walls, sun shelf, and interior or on the outer walls of a raised spa.

Stone Tile is a popular choice for finishing natural swimming pool designs. Like glass tile, it is also available in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes. Large stone tiles can be used on a patio or deck, while smaller stone tiles can be used in a pool’s waterline, steps and edges, and sun shelf. Stone provides a textured feel that is slip-resistant.

While appearance is important when choosing a new finish for your swimming pool, it’s also important to keep durability in mind. White plaster is the least expensive, but typically only lasts 5-15 years whereas pebble finishes can last 15+ years. Water temperature and pool chemistry can impact how long a finish will last so it’s important to consult with professional swimming pool surfacing technician before making decisions.

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